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Free Smithsonian Museum Tickets

Saturday, September 24th is Smithsonian Magazine’s 7th Annual Museum Day 2011.  Here are some details

  • You can get 2 free tickets  per household, per address to participating Museums in your area.
  • You have to register ahead of time through the Ticket Information page.
  • Your tickets will be emailed to you once you register
  • Make sure to check out the  participating museum in your area.

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The High Stakes of Penny Auctions: Good Deals or Big Risk?

I received an email from Camille at The Ultimate Coupons.com the other day and figured since most of my readers are out to save money, they might be trying online bidding sites. 
Hey WWadell,

Penny auctions look too good to be true, and when not properly researched can be like throwing money down the drain. Our article 
http://www.ultimatecoupons.com/blog/2011/08/the-high-stakes-of-penny-auctions-good-deals-or-big-risk/ provides tips on how to avoid fraudulent online deals AlmostExtremeCoupon readers might appreciate.

Feel free to post and share if you like.

For online shoppers looking to combine bargain hunting with a lottery-like twist, penny auctions can bring some excitement to the search for deals. According to officials penny auctions are quickly gaining popularity because they give consumers a chance to win quality merchandise at a discounted price. But several offices of the Better Business Bureau are sending out warnings about this shopping method. Before you start bidding in a penny auction consider these tips.
Purchasing Bids is No Guarantee
This isn't like eBay where you put in a set bid on an item and the person with the highest bid wins. Instead, you purchase bids for a small amount of money like a penny, a quarter or a dollar. You can spend as much money as you want buying bids, but buying bids doesn't guarantee you'll end up with a product. Buying bids simply gives you the opportunity to get in on the action. But the person who happens to put in the last bid when the time runs out is the one who will walk away with the merchandise.

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FREE Visine or Nivea at Target

There is a hot new coupon available to print for $2/1 ANY Visine Product. I see it at zip 90210. There are no size limitations or exclusions on this coupon which means you can grab yourself some FREE Visine from the Travel Section…
    Visit Money Saving Madness for more Target Freebies

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    Google +1: Sharing Almost Extreme Coupon

    Google says the +1 button stands for “you should check this out”.
    How to Use it:
    All you have to do is click the +1 button on posts you really like, would like to remember, or would like to share.
    What it Does:
    If you have a Google account, your +1’s are stored in a tab on your Google profile. You can choose whether you want your +1′s to be kept private or be public.
    Why It Helps:
    It actually helps you and the content writer.  It helps you by reminding you of things you read that you liked.  It helps the content writer by saying to Google, “This is really good content!”

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    FREE Mr. Clean Magic Erasers at Martin's

    Martin's usually sells 1-ct Magic Erasers for $1.00-$1.50 each.  Use the recent coupons to get them FREE!
    • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser 1 ct: $1.00-$1.50
      • use - $0.75 Mr Clean Magic Eraser from Organize in Style
      • or use - $0.50 Mr. clean Magic Eraser from 8/28 P&G
        • Final Price: FREE
    Sign up HERE for the Organize in Style Coupon book.

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    FREE Renuzit & Cascade at Walmart

    Check out these great Freebies at Walmart.
    • Cascade 3 ct: $0.97
      • use - $1.00 Cascade Product from 08/28 P&G
        • Final Price: FREE

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    Free Breakfast at Chick-fil-a

    Everyone knows the one day a week you Crave Chif-fil-a is Sunday. Well you can't get any today but you can get your Free Breakfast at Chick-fil-a from Sept 6th-10th. All you have to do is head over to their site, enter your zip code and make a reservation at any location available near you! You can make your reservation for 9/6 – 9/10! Enjoy!

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    Martin's, Weis, AAFES Match-Ups 9-04-11

    There are no Match-Ups from me this week. Why? Well I'm getting married today and heading to the Bahamas. I will be back on the 11th and should be able to get those match-ups done. Most of the posts this week will be automated, and I will not be able to respond to emails or comments until I get back.

    Here are a few sites I recommend getting match-ups from;

    Hope everyone finds some great deals and saves a little money this week, I know I won't.

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