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Ann's Crazy World: How I Determine a Good Deal -Part I: The “blind shopper”

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Ann's Crazy World: How I Determine a Good Deal–Part II: Understanding Prices

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Ann's Crazy World: How I Determine a Good Deal – Part III: Establishing a Price Book & Stockpiling

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Free Cottonell Mouse Wipes

Send a tub of Cottonelle Fresh Flushable Moist wipes to a friend or family member and get one for yourself FREE!  The free wipes will come as a FREE product coupon in about 3-4 weeks.  Look for the packages with bonus EasyReach Hangers inside!

Thanks http://www.moneysavingmadness.com/

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Sunday Coupons

If you are just starting out this is the best weekend to do it. http://www.sundaycouponpreview.com/ has a list of the coupons you should find in this Sunday's paper. It includes 2 SmartSource, 1 RedPlum, 1 Proctor & Gamble, & Moments to Save (w/ Pepsi & Frito-Lay brands). The P&G only comes out once a month, and normally you only get 1 SmartSource at most.

You should look at either getting a Newspaper subscription from local paper or going to the Post Office and buying one. I also recommend getting a National Paper that has the inserts. Why? Well different areas of the country have different coupons offered. For example you might get a $1.00/2 in one area and a $0.50/1 in another. You would think, who cares I still save, well the $1.00 coupon doesn't double. Therefore the $0.50/1 is actually more like $1.00/1.

The number of Newspapers you should get is 1 per person in the household, I always buy 2 myself unless there will be a great coupon on say Propel, Water, Gatorade, etc that can occasionally be FREE.

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$150 worth of Groceries for $78

So I went shopping today. Like I mentioned in my very first post, I'm not an Extreme Couponer, but if I save 50% I'm happy. And that's exactly what I did.

First Stop Weis
  • 2 - 4pk Angel Soft Bath Tissue
  • 10 -  Smart Ones Entrees
  • 1 - Kraft Homestyle
  • 1 - Log Cabin Syrup
  • 2 - Boxes of General Mills Cereal
  • 2 - Dean's Dip
  • 2 - Bags of Jelly Beans
    • Grand Total - $42.00
    • Total After Discounts - $20.00
    • Total Savings - $18.00
Second Stop Martins
  • 2 - Gushers Fruit Snacks
  • 2 - Keebler Crackers
  • 1 - Giant Brand Chips
  • 2 - Scott's Wipes
  • 2 - Choc. Easter Rabbits
  • 1 - Giant Brand Bread
  • 1 Oscar Myer Lunchmeat
  • 3 - Harbaro Gummie Bears ($0.19ea)
  • 10 - Kool-Aid Packets (FREE)
  • 1 - Giant Brand Pretzels
  • 2 - Dole Salad Mixes
  • 1 - Bag of Baby Carrots
  • 2 - 1lb Ground Turkey
  • 1 - 4pc Chicken Leg&Thigh
  • 2 - 8pk Hot Dogs
  • 2 - Edy's Ice Cream
  • 2 - 9ct Bagel Bites
  • 2 - Eagle Brand Veg. Steamers
  • 16 - Yoplait Yogurt Cups ($0.25ea)
  • 1 - 8pk Marcel Paper towels
    • Grand Total - $105.00
    • Total After Discounts - $60.00
    • Total Savings - $45.00
This wasn't quiet a 50% savings but very close. You have to consider there were a few items I purchased just because they were on sale ie: Veggies, Meat, Easter Candy. Normally you will not find coupons for these items. Thanks to Ann's Martin's Matchups

Total Savings this Year: $263.00*
Since April 2011

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Free Frito-Lay Chips

From the Frito-Lay Facebook Page:
Tomorrow on 4/29/11 @ 2pm CT, you can get a free bag of chips from Frito-Lay. Head over to Facebook and like Frito-Lay so that you are ready for tomorrow. They will be giving away 24,000 bags — sounds like alot, but it will go fast.

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Free Dove & Coupons

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Kindle & Moms

The Amazon Kindle 3G Wireless is $189.00 & Amazon is currently offering a  a $25.00 Bonus Gift Card.
The Amazon Kindle DX is $379.00 & has the same $25.00 Gift Card offer.

NOTE: To receive your bonus $25 Amazon.com Gift Card with purchase of Kindle 3G or DX, select the ‘$25 Amazon.com Gift Card’ checkbox before you click ‘Add to Cart’.

You can also get the sponsored version of the Kindle Wireless for $114.00 (No Gift Card offered). *Sponsored unit contains ads and special offers.

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Walmart Freebies

Below is a list of some things that are FREE after coupons at Walmart.
Please NOTE:  Prices can and DO vary greatly at various Walmart locations so keep this in mind.
  • Bic Disposable Twin Blade Razors (12 ct):  $1.97
    • use - $2.00/1 Bic Disposable Shavers from 3/27 SmartSource (exp 5/27)
    • Final Price: FREE + $0.03
  • Rayovac Batteries (2-4 ct):  $0.94
  • Reach Unflavored Floss:  $0.97
    • use - $1.00/1 Reach Floss from 10/10 RedPlum (exp 4/30)
    • or from 4/17 SS (exp 12/31)
    • or use - $1.00/1 Reach Toothbrush or Floss Printable
    • Final Price:  FREE + $0.03
  • Quaker Quick Oats (5 servings):  $1.00
    • use - $1.00/1 Select Quaker Oats Products from 1/2 RP (exp 4/30)
    • Final Price: FREE
  • Propel Zero (32 oz):  $0.50
    • use - $1.00/2 Propel Zero Calorie Drink from 2/13 SS (exp 5/31)
    • Final Price: Get 2 for FREE

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Free Pencils, Tape & Batteries

Sign up HERE for Staples’ rewards or  in-store (super easy).

  • Duracell batteries AA or AAA   20 pk (item #703715 and/or 846026 only) $11.49
  • Pentel E Sharp Starter Set (item #815976, 815957) $5.99
  • 3M Pop-Up Tape Desk Grip Dispenser (item #766408) $2.99

It has been reported that you cannot use past Staple’s rewards to pay for future Staple Easy Rebates/Rewards offers.
* Keep in mind that the tape and pencils must be purchased in-store, and the Easy Rebates above are limited to one per household


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Coupon Links

  • http://www.coupons.com/ - Tons of coupons updated often. If you go to other websites to learn about couponing they will usually have these available to print from their site.
  • http://www.couponnetwork.com - This site is from Catalina, the same company that prints the coupons at the checkout. They also show the current Catalina offers that will print from your favorite stores.
  • http://www.redplum.com/ - These are different than the ones you get from the Redplum out of the Newspaper. Be sure to check here as soon as you get an email because print quantities are limited.
  • http://www.pgeverydaysolutions.com/ - Proctor and Gamble website. You can sign up to receive Free samples, and print coupons.
  • http://www.smartsource.com/ - Same as Red Plum these are coupons different from the ones you find in the Sunday Paper. Make sure you check here often.
  • http://www.target.com - Target has their own exclusive coupons that you can stack with Manufacturer's coupons ofthen making things FREE or close to it.

There are also companies that allow you to load your Bonus Card with offers. They state the electronic coupons can be combined with in store offers, and manufacturers coupons.

Coupon Tips
  1. You can print 2 coupons per website per computer. If you have two computers you can print 4.
  2. Only load 45 eCoupons onto your savings card, any more and it will delete the first one entered.
  3. Check back often. The websites are always adding new coupons. If you subscribe to the newsletter they will let you know when (normally Sunday or Wednesday).
  4. Find companies you like on Facebook and Like/Friend them. Occasionally you will get coupons.
  5. Find a manufacturers website from a product you use. Sometimes they will have coupons if you sign up or take a survey. You can also email them and tell them how much you love their product and see if they will send you some coupons.

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Just Starting Out

Like many I wanted to see what this Extreme Couponing was about. Now I don't need 100 tubes of toothpaste but I could use enough to last me and my fiance awhile. So I looked around the net found some ideas and got started. Two weeks ago I purchased 2 local newspapers, and printed everything I could find online. I used a few sites like Ann's Crazy World, Coupon Mom, and For The Mommas for ideas and help.

I didn't have all the coupons they said I needed, but I did have a few. I only shop at Weis and Martin's so limited my first shopping trip to those two stores. So how well did I make out... Total before bonus buys and coupons $427. Grand total after all discounts $227, a $200 savings. While I've heard stories of over 80% savings, I did have to buy a few things that were not on the plan because they were needed now.

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